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We are born unto this earth for reasons unknown,
We build our lives, our families, our homes,
Sometimes our obstacles seem too large to fight,
Through our moment of darkness we reach for a light,

This light we must follow,
And should never go out,
It’s this light that should guide us,
Through all the worry, through all the doubt,

It comes from inside and from self is true,
Never question the source, its deep within you,
It is placed there by God, a gift to keep,
To be used by us wisely when sorrows run deep,

When it seems we are lost and everything confused,
To be sure, the path from the light is not being used,
There are times we ask help from family and friends,
We become trapped in bad circles and the worst of trends,

Chance may bring a stranger who helps us the most,
Odd it may seem these feelings we host,
When chance passes by or just out of view,
The one you should really count on will always be you,

In ourselves, we hold the key to our problems and lives,
Not our children, our husbands, or loving wives,
Life started alone and alone we must part,
We must love ourselves first, from our own heart,

Once we have learned to love ourselves first,
Strength will be born for the best and the worst,
We can share what we know to help those in need,
A small kindness, kind word, just one tiny seed,

This seed is inspiration, it sprouts trust that will grow,
Helping others to find peace and share what they know,
We will always have times we feel lost and confused,
This world can seem harsh, leaving us to feel used,

But, if you share your light with a stranger or friend,
Your light will shine bright from beginning to end,
Your heart will sow kindness, your light will shine true,
The greatest love you have comes from inside you.


Rev. Wayne T. Ouellette Sr. OCAW
St. Michael Outreach Ministries
~ A Humble Servant of God ~

St. Michael Outreach Ministries

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